A paradigm shift is imperative in all our socio economic actions for a sustainable future. We understand the need of businesses and individuals for professional expertise to meet their Social Responsibility objectives.
Conexus is an evolving, passionate, dynamic & focused organization with strengths of knowledge, experience and inspiring leadership dedicated to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to businesses & individuals in fulfilling their social responsibility commitments.
Conexus is leader in enabling organisations to conduct their Corporate social responsibility in India.
Supported by wealth of knowledge, Conexus deploys expertise collectively gained over last three decades in leading and managing large organizations across industry sectors. We endeavour to provide most impactful and effective CSR, Healthcare & Personal Social Equity, Advisory and Implementation services. We offer services to small & medium businesses as well as large corporations, individuals and civic bodies.
"I Contribute" Social
I Contribute
Conexus aims to provide opportunity for individuals to come online with "The Conexus" and make a contribution to fulfil their social intent.
Conexus CSR Services
From Idea To Impact
The drive for sustainability involves finding the best fit between business interests and the needs of the community. Conexus Service Channelizes the Drive.
Conexus SR Services For
We at Conexus help you fulfil your philanthropic intent, by devising customised programs after having a detailed discussion with you.
Achieving client goals and providing the correct options and consultancy for our clients is a top priority for us.
Mr. Gimms P. Andrews
Vertical Head – Corporate Social Responsibility, SAHARA INDIA PARIWAR

"I have had the good fortune of being associated with Conexus. I found the team to be very sound in their knowledge of strategic CSR as well as programmatic input for large and complex project designs. They invest time to fully understand your scenario and then provide a well thought out recommendation. What was apparent is the team’s corporate perspective as well as social sector exposure."

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