Rejuvenating Family Doctor tradition
Challenges in Healthcare
Health and Healthcare is vastly diverse in the urban-rural India and public-private sector. The high growth rate of the urban population and increase in the number of people residing in the urban poverty level has added to many challenges to healthcare services. Additionally increasing cost of medicines, equipment and treatment coupled with lack of social-health insurance scheme for poor, amplifies the challenges.
Conexus envisions providing a solution for better health services by the way of Primary Healthcare Clinics. The aim is to provide community access to quality health care service at affordable cost. It is our conscious decision to contribute to improving the quality of healthcare by channelizing the innovations in health services.
In coming future Conexus would develop a chain of primary healthcare clinics. These clinics will target low to middle income groups of the society. The intention is to revive the family doctor tradition and provide quality primary healthcare to the community. These clinics will provide basic General Practitioner services with some special diagnostics.
The clinics will also have a facility to stabilize emergency patients and support them in hospital admissions.
Each clinic will have:
1. Well-appointed, modern and Upright Diagnosis facility
2. Experienced and well trained medical team
3. A well-stocked generic medicine pharmacy
4. A well-equipped treatment room for minor procedures
5. Effective tie ups for referral and a network of specialists and hospitals
6. Maintenance of the electronic medical records for every individual
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