The past few years have been exciting times for Indian philanthropy. Large pledges have been made by business leaders such as Azim Premji, Shiv Nadar, G. M. Rao, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and many more. Philanthropy is gaining prominence among HNIs and more involvement is seen by them in terms of both time & monetary commitment. Given the vast geography of the country and the issues faced by the less privileged , it rests equally with the millions of middle- class Indians who are emerging as affluent and willing to share their time and money .
Education is one of the sectors that has been positively impacted by philanthropic activities of HNIs. Education aside, most philanthropists have invested in the development of young minds and spirits, through the promotion of entrepreneurship, the delivery of training, and the development of communication. Some have gone a step further, consolidating such initiatives into well structured programmes that allow young people from diverse areas and backgrounds to come together and develop their leadership skills.
All these efforts are well appreciated, and some more initiatives are required for the social sector to be impacted in India.
We at Conexus help you fulfil your philanthrophic intent, by devising customised programs after having a detailed discussion with you and understanding your areas of interests.
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At Conexus, we not only devise customised programs but also take ownership of implementation and delivery of committed results. Partner, with us so we can advise you on your philanthropic initiative.
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