Developing  CSR Strategies and programs
CSR when integrated in the overall business strategy, it is seen as critical for enhancing the brand image, improving bottom line and building the business competitive edge.
Our experienced professionals offer services on a continuum of Design, Implement, Measure and Report for programs aligned with CSR strategies. Our services include:
Defining CSR philosophy, objectives, vision, mission and funding in line with your business
Drafting CSR Strategy Paper, Policy Manuals
Identifying and recommending long term and short term social initiatives
Assessing existing internal processes and initiatives to help align with organization’s CSR purpose
Creating platforms for participation and high visibility of your CSR action
Thus, having a comprehensive CSR policy would not only enable companies to make a genuine difference to society, but also deliver a tangible benefit to the corporate.
Planning &  Implementation
Conexus takes complete responsibility of your CSR program. We interact with your company for the CSR plan, budget, designing of programs, implementation and reporting. We will be playing a role which will make the process smoother, faster and impactful. The steps involved are:
Understanding the stakeholder and the geographies that your business affects
Conducting field visits to interview stakeholders and key players to understand their requirements & expectations
Researching the legal requirements that need to be met
Preparing implementation roadmap and budgets
Selecting implementation partners and building capacities if required to execute your CSR initiatives
Designing and executing employee engagement programs
Stakeholder mapping plays a crucial role in inventing the growth strategy of the company. The internal and external stakeholder will have expectations from the corporate, they can also highlight the problem areas and offer solutions and ideas.
Program design will be done after thorough study of the community needs, resource availabilities with company internally and externally and nature of compliance required by particular industry.
The projects would be implemented by us along with our trusted implementation partners.
Corporates and NGOs come with their own strengths and weakness. One of the biggest challenges that corporate face in developing networks of partnerships with NGOs is that they must start from scratch.
At every stage we monitor programs, provide regular updates, reports & reviews. All information needed for publications on websites, annual reports, newsletters, awards etc. would be made available in real time.
Monitoring &  Reporting
Monitoring of the CSR program includes timely reports, so that the company is aware about the movements on the field, it also reflects the high accountability standards on part of our partner.
Conexus will prepare a complete checklist to measure the organization’s integration of Social Responsibility across the Company. By defining the processes and frameworks for evaluation and reporting we believe we help companies and individuals get valuable information for decision making and gaining experience from the program.
Defining processes and reporting framework to monitor and measure outcomes and progress
Conducting impact assessments with the help of in-house developed specialized tools
Providing regular project progress reports as per agreed timelines
CSR updates for corporate websites and annual reports
Specialized  Services
Social Feasibility Study
Organizations have better control over the social situation and operations when a social feasibility study is conducted on new and existing projects. They will be better prepared to face situations and alter the problem and use it to their advantage. Community is directly benefited with social economic development such as - goods & services development, infrastructure enhancement, skills up-gradation, idea generation, taxation and employment. Conexus can conduct Social Feasibility Study for any organizations across India.
Employee Engagement
Engaging employees in a CSR program must cut across all the services and stages of program development, implementation and measurement of impact. For this we provide services such as:
Designing and initiating payroll giving program across company.
Structuring and facilitating volunteering program.
CSR related Training Programs
Conexus can conduct training programs for all levels of stakeholders in your organization. Training programs will be customized to your requirements. Programs would be primarily related to tools and techniques of monitoring & evaluation, key project identification, sustainability reporting, Social Return On Investment (SROI), social audit, Result Based Management (RBM) and CSR related legal frameworks.
3rd party monitoring and evaluation of the existing CSR programs
We undertake 3rd party monitoring and evaluation of your ongoing CSR programs. If required the report can be prepared as per the prevailing and required guidelines. Monitoring and evaluation report will not only include process and progress but also the achievements with objectives and indicators. It will highlight the issues if any and way forward.
Assisting Corporate for writing an Award Proposals
Conexus will guide you to apply to CSR awards. Our aim is to provide this service to make society aware of the work done by your organization and motivate other corporate to join hands through CSR contribution.
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